New Families

The Process

One thing at a step at a time...
adding up over time

Step 1: Initial Assessment

All new families to our clinic will meet with each member of our multidisciplinary team (Nurse, Pediatrician, Dietitian, Exercise Specialist, Psychologist, Social Worker) as part of an initial assessment. If possible we ask that all primary caregivers attend this appointment with your child.


A range of topics are discussed at your Initial Assessment to help our team get to know you better, including:

  • Medical History

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Activity

  • Sleep

  • Relationships

  • School

This assessment can be done at one visit (approx. 4 hrs) or over 2-3 visits (approx. 1-2 hrs each).


Step 2: Family Conference

Following your initial assessment, our team will provide a summary. Together with your family, we will establish areas of focus and determine where your family would like to start.

The Family Conference will occur shortly after your initial assessment and will include several members of the team. Depending on your child's age, they may or may not be required to attend.

Step 3: Follow-Up

The frequency and length of follow-up appointments varies for each child and family but they are typically shorter than the initial assessment. Appointments are often done in-person, but can also be provided by phone, email or Telehealth (videoconference). Home visits are also an option for families who live locally.

Our team will continue to provide support to your family as long as you wish to remain engaged.