Supporting Children and Families in Achieving their Optimal Health

Welcome to the Pediatric Centre for Weight & Health

Who We Are

The Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health (PCWH) at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton includes a multidisciplinary team of health professionals committed to working with your family. With our years of experience, we're able to help your family make and maintain healthy changes by setting goals at your own pace. This includes improving nutrition and physical activity habits to enhance health and well-being.


What We Do


Each child and family has a unique journey at the PCWH. Our goal is to support you as you make healthy lifestyle changes. We focus on providing family-centred care. Our team will work with you in our supportive, respectful clinic that promotes teamwork. Your family’s interests, priorities and abilities will be a part of the plan we help you to develop and follow.

How do we support parents and caregivers?
Our team works with you to establish effective parenting strategies for behavior change. We provide you with the tools for creating healthy family lifestyle changes and support your efforts throughout this process.

How do we support children and teens?

We help you to improve your diet and activity habits. This can help to improve your health and feel better about yourself. Our team can also help you to communicate better with your parents. Overall, we are here to learn from you and with you.